Thursday, March 20, 2014

Intro MUST READ!!!!!!

Do You Need Someone To Talk To?

My name is Richard I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist, I am simple a friendly human being that has an incredible urge to help others. Although I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist, I am in fact in the process of going to school in order to be able to become one of these doctors. On the other hand, which is experience need to help others, I have a lot of experiences with a variety of situations and have been able to help out and give great advice to many of my friends and family due to my wisdom.

            Well let’s start off by telling you a little about myself; in order to build a relationship as well as to break the ice. My name is Richard as u read in the first line. I am a Hispanic/American mix who does not speak Spanish so I classify myself an American not White and Mexican. I have been through a lot and experienced troubles and tribulations in my years of being on this earth than most people experience through their whole life.  I am a very open minded individual, so there isn't a thing that you can't say to me. Like I said I am here to help people and be that friend you open up to, the person you can tell anything and not be judged, the person who understands and really listen to everything you have on your mind that may be bothersome or aggravating to you.

How to submit a concern or problem
The best and only way to contact me will be via email until I can figure out how to make my own website so that we can chat on the web site or something along that line. So be ready for change later in the future. Your email should be sent to If it is an emergency please contact the police or the medical department. The topic of the message should be in the subject line and  the question, problem, situation, or ect. that you would like to share will be read in the email. You will receive a response or advice via the blog page. DO NOT WORRY YOU WILL BE KEPT COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Send a stage name (something to call yourself in order for me to say a response to your problem or distress). Remember you can email me about anything at all; there isn't anything too small or too big. Everything is welcomed here. 

Wells that’s basically all there is to know about me and how it should work as of now; as more people post and comment and email me for help I will tell you guys more and more about me to further the relationship between you and I. I just want to be able to help the community and try to better the world in the process by showing a compassion to anyone and everyone. Send negative or positive emails about what I am doing that is fine as well because that will be helping you relieve some stress which in turn I help you out with. SO EMAIL ME AND SHARE THIS BLOG WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN.

Big thanks and stay happy,